Zero-Carb Margarita Mix

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of content lately.  Luckily, I am finally ready to let you all in on what I have been working on for the last week… a Zero-Carb Margarita! I have found several of recipes for skinny margaritas, but even these are around 5g of carbs per drink, which is a lot if you are on a keto or similar low-carb diet. I wanted to make something that could bring that fresh lime flavor without all of the sugar.

The first problem with a regular margarita is their use of lime juice. Even though limes have a bitter and acidic flavor they have about 7g of carbohydrates in each little fruit. However these sugars are contained inside the lime; in the juice and in the fibrous pith. By using only the peel of the lime you can extract the essential oils and flavor of the lime without bringing any of these sugars along for the ride.

The second thing that makes margaritas so sugary is the use of triple sec, an orange liqueur which has 11g of sugars in each ounce. Again I used orange peels in this recipe to bring orange flavor without adding sugar.

The problem I ran into at first with using peels instead of juice is that although you get the bitterness and flavor of the citrus, you are missing the acidity. This was by far the thing that took the longest to figure out and balance properly. After much experimentation I found that a combination of apple cider vinegar and citric acid does the job quite nicely and gets you a drink that tastes just like a classic margarita. (Citric acid can be found in most any grocery store with their canning supplies as it is often used as a natural preservative for canned goods.)

So next time you want to have a drink with your Taco Tuesday, but don’t want to drink so much sugar, give this recipe a try. Just mix it 2:1 with your favorite white tequila (most cheaper gold tequilas have sugar added to them) and enjoy up, on the rocks, or even frozen. One batch should make about 5 margaritas, and it stores great in the fridge!


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