Basil Flower

Some people like to hate on vodka cocktails but I think they have their place in the world. As I was experimenting with this recipe I liked the way the Aperol and basil played together, however the drink was lacking some punch and could use a hint of sweetness. Vodka fits that bill perfectly, and a little addition of my favorite local vodka made the drink come together all at once. A light splash of soda to add some effervescence and I was ready to put this one in the book.

The prohibition-era cocktail movement has been awesome, but sometimes people will shy away from vodka or even refuse to carry it at their cocktail bar because “people didn’t drink vodka back then.” However the beautiful aromatics available in gins these days are nowhere close to the swill that Al Capone was slinging at the time, so maybe we can just have some fun with it?


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